Audi RS6 Avant - a supercar estate

Audi has just released the first glimpse of their new RS6 Avant. Audi's most significant estate car is more sleek and gorgeous than ever before. Audi is pushing a considerable expansion in its RS range. This amazing super-estate is the first of six new Audi RS models due to come out over the coming months. Some other new models to have been spied on are the RSQ8 and the RSQ3.

Audi is celebrating their 25th Anniversary of the RS range. The first to receive the RS badge was the groundbreaking RS2 Avant way back in 1994. From then on, Audi has nurtured and carefully selected the exact versions of their road cars to fit with the RS performance upgrades.

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Only three body parts have been carried over from the regular A6. The roof, front doors and boot all stay the same, but all other elements are RS-specific design. The upgraded front end features what Audi call a 'powerdome' bonnet. This bespoke bonnet gives the RS6 an even more aggressive look. There are smaller headlights fitted borrowed from the Audi A7. New front bumper featuring large air intakes and front grille based on the R8. Get the Audi logo in black by opting for either the black or carbon styling packs.

RS-Specific side sills, rocker panels and roof spoiler along with a bespoke rear end give the RS6 Avant a much bolder and aggressive look than before. The all-new diffuser and twin exhausts give a lions roar whenever you put your foot down.


A 4-litre twin-turbo V8 TFSI petrol engine propels the Avant, boosted by a new 48V mild hybrid system. Generating 592hp and 800Nm torque will get you from 0-62mph in just 3.6s, going on to the limited top speed of 155mph. Audi now offers two new performance packages. The Dynamic package, which will extend the top speed to 174mph and the Dynamic Plus package, which will take you up to 189mph. An uprated ZF eight-speed automatic transmission has been developed to cope with the extra power and torque.


The RS6 comes with 21-inch wheels with the option of 22-inch available. The Avant sits 20mm lower than a standard A6. Adaptive air suspension comes as standard, which will lower the stance by 10mm, at speeds over 74mph. Upgrading to the 'RS Sport Suspension' pack will allow the RS6 to corner at higher speeds, more tightly. Steel brakes fitted as standard, with optional ceramic discs available.

Inside the RS6 Avant, you find a sporty leather steering wheel with smooth aluminium flappy paddles. Upfront, you'll find two huge Nappa leather and Alcantara sports seats. These ooze comfort and style but don't lose any of the sports car feelings. The puddle lamps shine 'Audi Sport' onto the pavement, a simple yet surprisingly cute feature.

The infotainment system comes with an 'RS Monitor'. It monitors various reading like g-force, temperature and pressure. This is used for setting for multiple components, as part of Audi's 'Virtual Cockpit'. For those new to Audi, the 'virtual cockpit' is a replacement of the analogue dials (speedometer, rev counter, etc.) with an adaptive TFT screen. This enables you to bring up a host of things from music playlists to g-force counters, temperature gauges, sat-nav and much more. The 'Virtual Cockpit' is fully customisable, allowing the driver to configure the look and size of the screen and the information you want it to provide. If you love Gran Turismo on the Playstation, you will love this feature.


Two brand new modes (RS1 and RS2) have been added to the Audi Drive Select system. Both allow the driver to set up personalised configurations to suit their driving style. Tuning the engine, exhaust, steering and suspension can allow for more enthusiastic race car driving. On the steering wheel, you find an RS button which will let you choose your preferred setting.

The RS6 is spacious throughout maintaining the same space as a standard Audi A6 Avant. The three-seat bench in the back comes with integrated headrests. There is a 565-litre boot, not small in such a performance orientated car, but still smaller than in its closest rival – Mercedes AMG E 63 S Estate. It will, however, expand to 1680-litres with the rear seats folded down.

Audi has a large selection of options so you can personalise your vehicle. There are 13 different colours to choose from, including several matt effect finishes.


The new Audi RS6 Avant has considerable boots to fill given the success of previous generations. With a design recipe that worked, there was no need for any significant changes to the Avant. The technological advances in the new body trim give the RS6 the aggressive 'don't mess with me' look. The stance is bold, brave and unforgiving. Young children will drool over, and dads will be checking their lottery tickets, hoping to be able to go out and buy one. This is a car that will become the screensaver on many computer screens and laptops.

Audi has not confirmed official release date yet, but the expectation is early 2020 in the UK. The RS6 Avant will also go on sale in the US for the first time. Prices and specifications will be available closer to time of release.

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