Civic, why the Honda hatchback should be on your shopping list

When Honda lifted the curtain on the 11th Generation Civic in November, we all got a glimpse of the future.

And it looked good.

The Honda Civic is the perfect example of when a manufacturer lands on a winning formula and lets it evolve over time. Porsche do it with the 911, Volkswagen with the Golf and Honda continue to do it with their ever future thinking Civics.

Honda originally released the Civic all the way back in 1972. Cars were smaller, more angular and cuter. Born out of the oil crisis of the early 70s, demand for cars with smaller more efficient engines went through the ceiling and Honda duly obliged.

With a positively frugal 1.1 litre engine and high levels of equipment available, the Civic quickly became a family favourite.

Honda Civic 1972
The first generation Civic - Image thanks to Honda Global

Reinventing the Civic

The Civic enjoyed steady success, pushing the odd visual and technilogical boundry throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Hot versions (the Type- R and V-Tec) were added to the line up as well as a hybrid option in the 7th generation of the model.

Gen 7 Type - R 

For us though, it is the 8th,9th and 10th Generation of Civic that we want to draw your attention to.

Honda went to town on the looks, dynamic performance and all round everyday enjoyment of their hatchback and we've picked some of our favourites on Yoauto to share with you.

8th Generation Honda Civic Type R

Hot hatch anyone?

This 8th generation Civic Type - R, available on Yoauto. Is a great example of a pocket rocket available for a fantastic price.

With a 2.0 litre, 310 bhp petrol unit in the front. This little Japenese treat is good to get you to 62 in 5.7 seconds.

Alongside it's blistering performance, it is also incredibly practical. It has a total luggage space of 475 litres, seats that fold down and all the mod cons you'd expect from a car born in 2010.

A great looking car that is practicle and quick.

9th Generation Civic Tourer SE+

Big boot for moving big stuff

The Civic is a car that wears many hats.

From hatch back to utilitarian winner, this estate offers practicality and comfort in equal measures.

The engines aren't exciting but they are economical. With your options being a 1.6 diesel and a 1.8 petrol giving you either 73 mpg or 45 mpg.

Neither are very fast.

The real wins are found in luggage space, unsurprisingly. With 630 litres of space in the back, it's easily one of the biggest in its class.

Dogs, footballs or cement. Moving large things around in this should be a piece of cake.

10th Generation Civic Hatchback

The latest incarnation of the Civic and unsurprisingly, the best all rounder on the list.

All the clever boys and girls at Honda really did work their magic on this generation. This is equipped with a 1.0 litre, turbo charged engine that punches out 124 hp. More than enough to get you around town comfortably as well as make commuting simple enough.

With a smooth automatic gearbox, intuitive infotainment systems and stylish looks, you can't go wrong with this latest version of the Civic.

The interior also benefits from comfortable seats, cruise control and clever aids such as automatic headlights and dimming rear mirror.

No matter which Civic you opt for, one thing is for sure. There is a model out there for all tastes.

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