Is Rolls Royce ownership closer than you think?

When thinking of Rolls Royce ownership your mind is instantly taken to a lavish world of opulence, luxury and massive land yachts.

Rolls Royce represents everything that is at the pinnacle of automotive manufacturing and for most of us, having one in our possession is beyond our wildest dreams. The latest offering from the premium manufacturer, the new Ghost, is priced at over £200k.

But, the release of the new “Roller” got us thinking and we started looking through the Yoauto sales book to see what was available for something a little less than the quarter of a million quid it would cost to get a brand new posh mobile.

The good news is, we found some amazing offers from our dealer partners. Maybe it is time to start considering getting yourself a butler to go with your new Rolls Royce?

A Classic start

A Rolls Royce doesn’t get older, simply more refined with time. That is why we start with this Corniche from 1985.

This is the car that saved Rolls Royces car division and at one point, there was a ten year waiting list! David Bowie had one, if that doesn’t ooze cool and sophistication, we don’t know what does.

This car can be yours for just £53,950.

The big daddy

When you first approach a Rolls Royce, in the flesh, one of the first things that become apparent is just how large they are. A Rolls Royce is massive. Designed to transport passengers around in quiet luxury means you need space and the Phantom sits right on top of the pyramid.

This 2006 Phantom EWB (Extended Wheel Base) is a lesson in craftsmanship, design and ostentatiousness.

Originally costing over £250,000, you can now experience royal luxury for just £69,995.

Get yourself a Ghost

If the £250k price tag on the latest Ghost is a little out of your price range, fear not, you can still own a Ghost.

The Rolls Royce Ghost sits underneath the Phantom in the product range but still offers the same level of comfort and luxury you would expect.

The Spirit of ecstasy can greet you every morning from the front of this 2010 Ghost for just £99,995. Less than half the price of a new model.

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