Lamborghini Urus - A 'Super' SUV

The Lamborghini Urus is the Italian brand's entry, in the increasingly popular, SUV market. However, the Urus is no ordinary SUV. Let's not forget it carries the mighty raging bull badge; therefore, standard design and power are on a whole new 'Lamborghini' level.  The Urus is not Lamborghini's first SUV; various others include the Lm001 and Lm002. These weren't particularly popular and looked more like armoured vehicles than Sports Utility Vehicles.

The Urus is one of the sportiest looking SUV's on the market today, with styling and bodywork typical of a Lamborghini sports car. It's just raised higher off the ground and, with the off-road setting, will raise an additional 40mm. I've always loved the outlandish design and nature of Lamborghini supercars. I was over the moon when the first pictures of the Urus surfaced, to see that they had not tried to refine their designs to match other SUV's. A Lamborghini in any form still needs to be a Lamborghini and needs to make the hairs on your neck stand up. The Urus succeeds.


Lamborghini hopes that, with the introduction of the Urus to their line-up, they will see a sharp rise in annual sales figures. They want to compete with local rivals like Ferrari and the increasingly popular McLaren brands. For me, the Lamborghini Urus is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. It blends the super car styling and performance expected, with added practicality and versatility. Only time will tell just how popular this SUV variation will be, but it has all the right ingredients to succeed.

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Engine, Power and Performance

As you would expect with a Lamborghini, there's no room for diesel engines. In fact, there 's only one engine currently available, but what an engine! The heart of the Urus is a delightful, rip-roaring 4-litre Bi-Turbo, V8 creating 650hp and a staggering 850Nm of torque. The Urus will hit 0-62mph in 3.6secs and more impressively 0-124mph in just 12.8secs. For an SUV weighing in at over 2-tonnes, you cannot help but gasp at those performance figures.


The Urus will also come to a halt rapidly. Achieving 62mph-0mph in just 33.7metres, over 20metres less than the UK official guidelines state. This is thanks, in no small part, to the large carbon-ceramic brakes fitted front and rear as standard. You also get a wide range of colours to choose from for your brake callipers. Which with the right selection, can really enhance and make your wheels stand out.

The power plant engine in the Urus is coupled to a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission, for seamless and instant gear changes, whether up-shifting or down-shifting. The Urus features a four-wheel-drive system, along with; adaptive air suspension and active dampers, active rear torque vectoring to maintain excellent grip, handling and stability no matter what the weather, road type or driving style.


The Lamborghini ANIMA Selector controls all of the electronic driving systems. This allows you to select your driving mode and will adjust the setting of the Urus accordingly. There are various modes to choose, three for on-road driving, 3 for off-road driving and a customizable driver option. The three modes for driving on the road are; STRADA, SPORT and CORSA. The first is the everyday comfort setting, the next for more aggressive fun driving on twisty country roads and the last for the full race car maximum performance setting.

The three off-road modes are; NEVE, TERRA and SABBIA. NEVE is for wet slippery surfaces, TERRA is for off-road surface conditions, and SABBIA is for sandy surfaces.


The final setting is called EGO. This allows the driver to set their suspension, steering and traction dynamics, to suit their driving style and the type of driving they will be doing.

Interior Quality and Technology

The Urus is fitted with the latest Lamborghini Infotainment System 3 (LIS3).  This includes two large centre console touchscreens, one above the other. This is similar to those found in the larger Audi models. There's also a large digital instrument display cluster which is clear, bright and crisp; providing all the information you could possibly desire.

The build quality is superb. Much of the interior is plucked from the Audi range and trimmed over with Lamborghini flair. It looks absolutely stunning. There's a broad range of standard equipment included such as; Bluetooth connectivity, DAB radio and smartphone mirroring with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


Lamborghini also offers an endless list of optional extras. These include an advanced Bang & Olufsen sound system, featuring 3D sound technology. There's a choice interior trim pieces such as wood or carbon fibre and a rear-seat entertainment package, perfect for young families to keep the kids occupied on long journeys.

The seats are soft and comfortable, and as well as being electrically adjustable as standard, they are a joy to sit in. Lamborghini has nailed the interior of the Urus, it's one of the better SUV interiors currently available, in my opinion.

Space, Practicality and Safety

There's a surprising amount of space throughout the cabin with front-seat occupants getting plenty of headroom and legroom. In the rear, you can opt to have the Urus with 2 or 3 seats. There's plenty of legroom even with tall, long-legged passengers, but headroom could be a little tight for those over 6ft tall, due to the sporty, sloping roofline. The rear seat will recline whether you choose a two or three-seat set-up, for a little extra comfort not found in a many SUV's.


There are a variety of storage cubbies usefully placed around the Urus cabin including door pockets, a glovebox and a large tray in the centre console.

The boot is large, practical, square shape making loading and carrying large items such as golf clubs much easier. There's an optional electric tailgate available which could also be useful. The boot is a good size, coming in at a capacity of 616-litres with the seats up and a spacious 1596-litres with the rear seats folded down.


The Lamborghini Urus has not been Euro NCAP safety tested. However, given other SUV's which share the same platform all scored a top 5-star rating, it's likely the Urus will, given its extensive list of safety features. Some of the standard safety features include; Forward Collision Warning, Auto Emergency Braking, Electronic Stability Control and multiple airbags along with carbon-ceramic brakes.

The Urus is an SUV of the future. It's gorgeous to look at because it's so different from all the other SUVs on the market. It has everything from power, performance to practicality and off-road capabilities, which make it a true all-rounder. The only real downside is the price, which with optional extras, will put you back circa £200K. It's a Lamborghini, and I believe this will become an iconic car, in years to come. It may be the turning point in the history of Lamborghini.

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