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A name you club together with words such as class, luxury, refinement but there is one more word you can chuck in, pure muscle.

In fairness that is two words but they are accurate.

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In addition to being premium executive saloons, SUVs and taxis, Mercedes manufacture cars that ooze pure brute strength and power.

Over the years, their performance division, AMG, have emerged from grabbing the odd model and "beefing it up" a bit to having their fingerprints on almost every option in the line up.

There are now over 50 AMG models to choose from in the current range.

What does that mean to people like you or me?

It means that there are now a host of monsterous AMG options to choose from in the second hand market.

Some of the best can be found here, on Yoauto.

What is a Mercedes AMG?

Before we delve into some of the Mercedes AMGs on Yoauto, it would be fair to ask the question, what is an AMG?

AMG is the badge added to a Mercedes when it has been given a sporting upgrade by the staff at their Affalterbach plant in Germany.

The 1500+ staff at the factory take a "normal" Mercedes and start to work. From wheel nuts to pistons, they upgrade a huge number of moving parts.

Engine capacity is increased to improve power, handling, performance and looks are all given a once over as well.

Once done, a Mercedes AMG product is faster, noisier and angrier looking than your average motor vehicle.

Some of our favourites

To celebrate the fact that AMGs have never been better, we thought we would share some of our favourites that are currently on Yoauto.

We start with the baby of the AMG range, the A45 AMG 4Matic.

AMG took the small hatchback, all ready known for being practical and great about town, and went to work.

This model now has 360bhp, all wheel drive, automatic gearbox and enough torque to stop the world spinning.

You can nip to the shop and then the race track in this no problem at all!

Need an executive saloon during the week but a 500 bhp fighter jet on the weekend?

The C63 S saloon in the vehicle for you.

With room for all your family needs and a comfort option that means you won't feel like your are constantly behind the wheel of a dragon with a tooth ache. The C63 S is a surprisingly good all rounder.  

It has a gorgeous interior equipped with one of the best and most intuitive infotainment systems in the business.

The C class is Mercedes best selling model and with good reason. Add the AMG badge to it and frankly, it gets even better.

Lastly, a choice for those who need a touch more space, the 2017 E Class E43.

This option sits between the gas guzzling E63 V8 and the rest of the range. Making it just enough performance mixed with practicality.

With a 3.0 litre V6 turbocharged engine at the front, you can enjoy 396 bhp and a boatload of torque in this wagon. It will power you to 62 in around 4.8 seconds and you can enjoy 640 litres of luggage room.

That is the best of both worlds!

Which AMG would you go for?

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