New 2019 Range Rover Evoque – Style and Luxury

The new Range Rover Evoque is the darling of the nation. Remodelled and technologically advanced to keep its market leading edge and appeal to all drivers young and old, city-goers to enthusiastic adventurers.

Since Jaguar Land Rover released the Evoque in 2011, buyers were taken aback by its sleek and gorgeous curb appeal. We got to see the first step away from the traditional mountaineering; country-styled 4x4 that made Land Rover famous. The new model is modern, edgy and a premium compact SUV. It quickly became popular with a higher proportion of female enthusiasts, due to the influence of Victoria Beckham.


The Evoque has sold over 750,000 vehicles since its conception. Making the baby Range Rover one of the most popular and desirable compact SUVs on the market. There was no need for any significant changes, just subtle styling changes.

The new Evoque is the company's first vehicle to be built based on JLR's revolutionary, Premium Transverse Architecture (PTA). A new wheel-base 20mm longer gives much needed extra room inside the cabin. Many of the new design features have derived from its big brother, the Range Rover Velar. These include new flush fitting lights and door handles, to all-new interior and dashboard features.

The new platform which the Evoque sits on, as had a distinct improvement on its handling, ride comfort. More importantly, new safety features have earned the maximum 5 Star rating in recent Euro NCAP tests.


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Interior and Technology

Land Rover as always been one of the best when it comes to driving positions, and the Evoque is no different.  Seats and steering wheel are adjustable to suit your driving position.

A 10-inch touch screen infotainment system fitted as standard. An optional secondary 10-inch touch screen is available. This secondary screen sits below the norm. Opt for the SE trim or above, and the second touch screen comes as standard. The touch screen controls functions, like the heated seats and the various driving modes. Having this arrangement maintains the overall look and style of the dashboard, keeping it crisp and clean in appearance.


The previous Evoque model had slight visibility issues in the rear, which have been improved on in this latest design. Every Evoque comes with front and rear parking sensors, and a reversing camera. JLR's optional Clearsight rearview mirror links a camera on the roof to the rearview mirror. The mirror turns into a 9.5-inch screen, to assist with any manoeuvre. For a little extra, you can get the Clearsight ground view system. These additional camera angles give a 'bird's eye view' surrounding your car.

There are a plethora of material options available for the seats, ranging from faux suede, leather to vegan-friendly materials.

Engines, Power and Performance

All engines are 2-litre four-cylinder, either petrol or diesel with a nine-speed automatic transmission. By tweaking the power output, the 2-litre engines develop between 150hp up to a rapid 300hp in the top-level P300. However, all the extra power results in a significant decrease in the economy, dropping to around 34mpg. The best of both worlds would be the D180, with a punchy 180hp along with an impressive estimated 51mpg. Having this allows you to enjoy daily town driving in comfort, while also having the confidence in the performance of a motorway cruiser and off-road stability.

Comfort, in Range Rovers, has always been a critical factor, and nothing here as changed. With a new suspension set-up, the ride is now soft and gentle. The Evoque glides over any bumps in the road smoothly with little fuss.


As always we expect a Range Rover to be top class when it comes to off-road abilities. The Evoque certainly lives up to this expectation. Using the award-winning Terrain Response 2 system will automatically set up the AWD, to suit any driving surface. The Evoque as a higher ground clearance than its nearest competitors. Capable of driving through 2 feet of water, which is 150mm more than the rival Volvo XC40. Going through mud and water is always an exciting thrill for the younger members of the family.  Kids will enjoy the ride much more, eager to get back to school to tell their friends about their adventures.

Towing a caravan can be done with ease, with the Evoque now able to pull up to 2000kg while remaining stable and glued to the road. There is an additional 10% boot space, now 591 litres, rising to 1383 litres with back seats laid down.


Jaguar Land Rover has pushed boundaries and created this next-generation version of the Evoque. With a list of technological advancements throughout, while maintaining its core values of being a premier 4x4 off-road luxury manufacturer. The Range Rover is living up to its name and should still be considered 'top-class'. The Evoque, with its new upgrades and 48v mild-hybrid engine, is undoubtedly continuing the traditional success with charm, class and luxury styling.

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