The forgotten company cruiser: The Jaguar XE

Jaguar and saloons go together like scones and jam, tea and biscuits and.....the Kray brothers.

As a manufacturer, Jaguar started their journey by building beautiful, stylish and capable saloon cars.

The very first Jaguar - The SS Jaguar 2.5l

Their first foray into the car market was with the large, gorgeous SS Jaguar 2.5L in 1935. Ever since then, Jaguar have turned out sleek, good looking, sporty saloons regularly.

The latest of which, is the XE.

The Jaguar XE was launched in 2015 in that hotly contested mid size saloon segment, traditionally dominated by the 3 series and C - Class.

The traditional German top trio of the A4, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class are favourites with compact executive saloon buyers but when the XE came out, it certainly ruffled a few feathers.

It looks incredible

As capable as the German saloons are, aesthetically they had become a little on the stale side when it came to looks. Cast your mind back to 2015, the BMWs and Audis particularly weren't inspirational to look at.

Suddenly the Jaguar came on the scene with the curvy, luscious and striking XE and the game changed forever.

Mid sized saloons didn't have to be boring anymore and the Jaguar is one heck of a striking machine to look at.

The look gets more and less aggressive dependant on the trim you opt for.

Our favourite spec is certainly the R - Sport that boasts 18" wheels, angrier wheel arches and a body kit that looks the business.

Much like the one seen here, available from just £15,375

What is it like to drive?

The Jaguar XE benefits from the classic set up that leads to a dynamic drive:

Power through the wheels at the back, engine at the front and steering wheel in the middle.

The engine choices range from a of 2.0-litre engine that deliver plenty of power, right up to a supercharged 3.0-litre V6 version. Which really does do the business.

Diesel options include three differing 2.0-litre engines, a slightly weak 161bhp one, a strong 178bhp version that needs a bit of strangling to get the best out of it and a 237bhp option. Be mindful of the most powerful diesel however as it can get a little thirsty.

Are they good value for money?


If you had bought one in 2015 it would have set you back on average £28,500. All the way up to north of £40,000 if you'd gone for a fully loaded XE with all the bells and whistles.

Now, the cheapest XE on Yoauto comes in at just £9k!

That is a heck of a lot of car for your cash!

Sporty, reliable, good looking and practical.

The XE could well be the company cruiser you need on your drive.

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